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Fulfillment by Amazon, often referred to as FBA is a fulfillment choice for sellers on Amazon.If you opt for FBA and send your products to Amazon’s fulfilment centre. Amazon deliver your products to the end-customer, manage customer service and handle returns on your behalf. 


3TC Logistics has its own CARPS account so we can make the delivery booking directly with Amazon. This means we don’t need to hassle you for a delivery booking. All we will require is the Amazon Id number and FBA number.


In the UK Amazon have 9 fulfillment centres that’s with the new warehouse in Hedge End Southampton which handle fulfillment- both for itself and third party sellers. We can offer delivery to all of those centres. Be it 1 pallet or a full trailer load.  


3TC Logistics can arrange everything for you. The sorting of your goods into PO numbers, labelling and the palletising of your products.


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